A perennial is a plant the lives for more than two years. Its foliage dies every fall but the roots go dormant for the winter and regrows the following spring. We carry a very large selection. Plants that like the


PLANT SEARCH Try our plant search! Find the perfect plant your yard and learn more about your plants needs. TREES Trees are single-stemmed, perennial, woody plants taller than 3 m and exceeding 8 cm in diameter at breast height; shrubs


FOR THE HOME Creekside carries a wide variety of items for your home.  Accessories are key to creating and updating you indoor living space. Start with impressive wall décor, prints, and mirrors to create the impact you desire. Clocks are


At Creekside Home and Garden we offer a full collection of bedding plants and vegetables, mostly grown right here! We also bring in a wide variety of prairie hardy trees and shrubs for your yard.

We are quite happy to offer you our collective experience and enthusiasm. Come for friendly advice and help with your garden needs and problems.

Explore our website to learn more about the Products we carry and come visit our home and garden centre for inspiration and beautiful displays of giftware and home décor.


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