Creekside Home and Garden is a production & retail garden centre, operating year round to provide excellent quality house and garden products. We work to provide quality ANNUALSPERENNIALSTREES, SHRUBS & ROSES, and EDIBLES through the spring, summer and fall.  A wide variety of HOUSEPLANTS GARDEN SUPPLIES,  GARDEN DÉCOR, and  HOME DÉCOR & FASHION are available year round. We also seasonally feature CHRISTMAS products and U-PICK berry picking.


Bill and Hilda Friesen moved to Dunvegan in the fall of 1952.  They and their six children quickly became accustomed to the hard work and long hours required to plant, water, fertilize, hoe, and harvest vegetable crops successfully.  The three sons began to take on more of the responsibility and purchased more land along the Peace River for vegetable production.  Although many crops are seeded directly into the ground in the spring, some require being started earlier in a greenhouse and then being transplanted out when the weather is warm enough.

The Friesens learned from their experience growing vegetable seedlings in the greenhouse to grow bedding plants and perennials from seed and later from cuttings.  Over the next half century, the three brothers opened and operated several market gardens and gardens centres in the Peace country.

Fifty years after Bill and Hilda Friesen moved to the Peace River valley at Dunvegan, Ron and Pauline Friesen and their sons purchased Garden Valley Greenhouses, on the western city limits of Edmonton.

Third generation Brock Friesen moved to the new location on Garden Valley Road to manage the greenhouse and garden centre in 2002.  Starting in 2014, Dunvegan Gardens (EDM), an independent company owned by Brock  Friesen and family continues the tradition of growing, serving, and sharing our passion for plants and more!


We are a family owned, independent garden centre, greenhouse, tree nursery, and home décor and fashion store.

After becoming an independent location in 2014 we have decided to change our name from Dunvegan Gardens to Creekside Home and Garden.  While we still have roots to our market gardening past in our u-pick operation we have become more of a source for your home and yard décor and gardening needs than for ready-to-eat produce.  Creekside Home and Garden is situated alongside a meandering creek just outside the city limits of Edmonton.

While our roots to the Dunvegan name run deep we have found that it has confused our customers and suppliers over the years:

  • we have been mistaken for Devonian Gardens just a few miles away;
  • we have had folks unsuccessfully search for us in the north Edmonton neighbourhood of Athlone which includes the old “Dunvegan [Rail] Yards”;
  • and we have often been confused with other Dunvegan Gardens locations in northern Alberta

Along with our change in name comes a renewed emphasis on providing the very best products, service and experience to our valued customers.  We are very excited to begin this new chapter in the life of our garden centre.

Creekside Home and Garden Ltd., operating on 215 St. & 23 Ave. Edmonton, is family owned and independent of the following other independently owned and operated locations:
Dunvegan Gardens (Dunvegan/Fairview),
Dunvegan Gardens, Grande Prairie,
Dunvegan Gardens, Fort St. John, BC.