Want to learn more about bulbs?

Here is a great information source on bulb planting!


Spring Planting Bulbs (summer blooming)

Dahlias, Lilies, Gladiolus, Cannas, and Calla Lilies are common bulbs we carry in the spring.

Except for lilies, many bulbs available for spring planting are not hardy for our zone. Therefore, non-hardy bulbs need to be dug up before frost in the fall and stored in a dark, cool and dry space over winter. In the spring, the bulbs can be replanted for another season of flowers.

Fall Planting Bulbs (spring blooming)

Tulips, daffodils, and alliums are a handful of fall bulbs that we sell in the early fall.

Many of us stop thinking about gardening when winter is on our doorstep, but it’s actually a great time to plant winter hardy, early bloomers for the next spring.

Winter / Indoor Bulbs

Amaryllis, hyacinths, crocus, paperwhites and tulips are popular winter bulbs that we carry.

Our winter bulbs arrive with (or shortly after) our fall bulbs in September. These bulbs provide a pop of colour inside during the winter months.

Seed Potatoes, Garlic & Onion Sets

In the spring we sell a variety of classic and specialty potatoes, onion sets, and garlic.

Did you know garlic is best planted in the fall? Therefore, our best selection of garlic is available with the fall bulb stock in September.


We carry a wide variety great for the Edmonton region, including; vegetables, herbs, annual, bi-annual and perennial flowers.

Brands that we carry include:

Pacific Northwest Seeds,  Aimer’s Organic, McKenzie,  West Coast Seeds and Cornucopia.