Have a houseplant obsession? Yeah, us too. Come to us for all your houseplant needs, we carry a large assortment of indoor plants all year round. As well as houseplant care, pots and potting mediums.


Give a room a natural green accent or add to your already overflowing plants selves. You can create a terrarium or fairy garden with some 2″ assorted houseplants. Large growing houseplants like monstera delisiosa, fiddle leaf figs and bird of paradise can make a statement in a room. Some great classics that are easy to get to flower like: japanese peace lily, african violet, anthurium, and kalanchoe. A few flowy hanging indoor plants are ivy, pothos, tradescantia and string of hearts.

We usually have stock of all the common houseplant families like: alocasia, calathea  dieffenbachia, ferns, ficus, hoyas, palms, peperomia, philodendron, pilea, pothos, sansevieria, schefflera, and tradescantia.

Please feel free to phone ahead to see if we have the plant you are looking for is currently in stock.



Are you more of an neglectful waterer than an over waterer? A cactus or succulent may be right for you. They need a sunny location, preferably full sun or south exposure. They need very little water and go dormant in the winter, often needing only a handful of watering’s for the season. Or create a pokey and colorful desert feature with cacti and succulents.

Our stock often includes popular ones like Aloe Vera, string of pearls, jade, many varieties of echeveria and euphorbia.


Occasionally we carry a large selection of uncommon hoyas. Usually once or twice a year released sometime in late summer to the new year.  There is no wish list or call list for these, follow us on social media for updates and release dates.


We have indoor growing mediums such as: all purpose, tropical, cacti, and orchid potting mixes year round. Popular bands like Pro-mix, Pots & Plants, Pamper your Plant and Nursery land.

We often carry soil amenities like: perlite, vermiculite, peat moss, hydro clay, lava rock, bark, worm castings, coco chunks, charcoal, pumice, and ph soil test kits.


We carry a full selection of dissolvable, liquid, or slow release fertilizers for you indoor houseplant needs. An All Purpose fertilizer works great for most indoor plants, but we also carry: Houseplant, Tropical, Orchid and Cacti specific fertilizers.


We carry Trellis, Moss polls, and Stakes in varying sizes.

New to us! Mossify has a great selection of bendable moss poles!




The houseplant pests will test you! Fight back and protect your collection! Familiarize yourself with the common houseplant insects and how to identify them. When bringing home a new plant its a good idea to isolate it from your other plants for a few weeks and keep a close eye on it for pests that can spread.

Aphids are tough buggers, we recommend treating with something that has active chemical ingredient like pyrethrin. Safer’s End All or Trounce are great products we carry. You may have to do multiple treatments a week or two apart.

Spider Mites and Mealybug. Retail chemical treatments are not very effective. We recommend washing the plant, scrub every bit of the stem and leaves with lightly soapy water and then spray with horticultural oil. Keep isolated for a few weeks and under a watchful eye for resurgence.

Thrips may take persistent treatment to get ride of them, but it can be done with, washing with lightly soapy water and treating with either chemical pyrethrin or horticultural oil, or both.

Scale are nasty and almost impossible to get ride of. You can try cutting off visibility infected areas, thoroughly washing the entire plant and treating with horticultural oil. However it is impossible to know if you got all the immature ones that may take months to grow big enough to see them. You risk them spreading to other plants during the long, likely unsuccessful, treatment period, so ultimately, we recommend culling your infected plant, aka. say goodbye.

Fungus gnats and fruit flies don’t harm your plant but are super annoying! They thrive in over saturated, poor quality soil. First you you may consider some repotting with better quality soil and watering less if your plant allows it.  The most effective treatment we’ve found is beneficial nematodes. Products like ‘Nema Globe Pot Popper’ offer a safe treatment to eradicate your infestation, reapply every six months. More easily found but much less effective are the classic mosquito dunks and yellow sticky sheets.


*Neem oil is regulated by the Canadian Government and not allowed to be sold at retail store like our greenhouse. If you really want it, try a health food store…? Green Earth Horticultural Oil is a great, may be better alternative or equivalent that we carry at Creekside Home and Garden.


Although almost invisible to the naked eye, we use beneficial, predatory insects and mites to help maintain a stable ecosystem within our greenhouse.

Within our ecosystem we also have the inevitable presence of spiders, worms and the odd centipede. Don’t confuse spiders with spider mites, they are very different, spiders and centipedes are predatory creatures who eat insects. However gross they are, they are actually good for your houseplants. Worms do a great job of aerating and fertilizing your plants soil.


As a responsible pet owner, it is your duty to familiarize yourself with toxic houseplants. Exercise caution with younger cats and dogs, or individuals you’ve noticed don’t often learn from their mistakes. However, do note that many houseplants have to be ingested in large quantities for it to have any serious effect on an animal’s health.

Sago Palms and Dieffenbachia are among the more severely toxic  that we recommend you do not keep in a house with pets.

If you find that your pet is prone to chewing on houseplants, consider planting a ‘cat grass’ planter with oats, barley or even lawn seed, to satisfy their needs in a safe way.