Creekside Home and Garden caries soil products, pest and weed control, hardware such as pottery, tools, trellises and supports, everything for your garden care needs


Ceramic, clay, metal and plastic pottery is available in styles, sizes and colours to fit every need.


We carry a variety of different bagged soils for your garden needs. Whether or not you are looking to boost your flower garden’s soil quality or re-pot a cactus, we have what your looking for. We carry seed starters, basic all purpose, top soil, triple mix, organic soil, peat moss, mulch, manure, compost, worm castings and zeolite. Some common brands we carry are: Black Gold, Berger, CIL, Pro-Mix and Sea Soil.


Fertilizers are an essential part in maintaining nutrients in the soil to help your flowers, trees, shrubs and vegetables look great and healthy. Creekside has chemical and organic based products like: Scott’s, Miracle Gro, bone meal, fish fertilizer and worm castings.

Don’t know what fertilizer is best for you? Keep in mind what you want the fertilizer to do; examine the fertilizer’s packaging for three numbers, example 10-15-10. These numbers represent the primary nutrients in the fertilizer, nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium (N-P-K).

N – Nitrogen will help your plants foliage grow quicker, bigger and develop a darker green colour, this is great for lawns.
P – Phosphorus aids in root development, increases flowering ability and bloom size. It is used to help your bedding plants and perennials flower beautifully, or when establishing a new lawn and helping newly planted trees and shrubs get established.
K – Potassium is primarily used for overall plant health. It helps the plant protect itself from diseases and pests, as well as aids in drought protection and cold tolerance.


Shovels, gloves, hoses, rakes, and spades; we have the tools for your garden care needs.


There are a variety of different products that we carry that will help in the battle against pests, diseases and weeds that are common in Edmonton.
Have an aphid problem? Doktor Doom them! Come see our wide assortment of pest and disease combating products. We also have a solution for that persistent weed; WeedEx Bar, Round Up, and Killex are among the many solutions that we carry.


Keep your flowers and trees safe from rodents and deer with Bobbex, Plantskydd, Doktor Doom No Bite and others.


Decorative and functional, we have wood, metal and bamboo help for your vines, trees, vegetables and perennials.