We grow several varieties of strawberry plants.  Three types of strawberry plants are available:

  • June-bearing varieties produce large, sweet berries in July the year after they have been planted.  (Named because of the crop season in warmer climates, they generally produce fruit through July in Alberta.)
  • Ever-bearing varieties produce strawberries during summer and fall.  The berries are much smaller than June-bearing varieties.  The plants make a lot of runners and produce berries the same year they are planted.
  • Day neutral varieties flower and set fruit with little regard to the day length and therefore have the longest fruit-bearing season.  The berries are much larger than ever-bearing types and the plants produce very few runners.  Fruits in first year, light production in early spring (later in Alberta) and heavy production in early August.

Not all varieties grown at our greenhouse are listed here.  Some varieties listed here may not be available.

Variety Type Description
Honeoye June-bearing Hardy, high yielding plants produce excellent, firm, large-sized fruit over a long fruiting season.  Excellent freezing quality.
n/a 2017
June-bearing Very hardy.  Abundant runners from vigorous plants.  High quality yield.  Large, glossy fruit.
Fort Laramie Ever-bearing Good yield of large bright red berries over long season.  Excellent flavour.  Tolerates -30°C without mulch.  Great for use in hanging baskets as this variety has prolific runner production.
Tristar Day neutral Hardy, sweet abundant production of large fruit.  Bears fruit into fall.  Rated excellent for best colour.